Uni-Tek precision Electrode Tap Disintegrator, 115V /1ph (USA)

$1,499.00 USD

“Did you EVER BREAK OFF A TAP OR DRILL down inside a VALUABLE WORKPIECE?” Imagine having to scrap an expensive part because you snapped off a small drill down inside a hole; worse, it’s stuck in a softer metal, (Alloy, etc. ) so drilling out with carbide risks side-slip, wrecking the hole. This unit shows normal wear from use, but looks complete. IT CAN SAVE ITS COST WITH ONLY A FEW USES !”




EDM type, Spark Erosion Tap & Drill Disintegrator 

Made by Uni-tek (USA).

“National Machine Tool Builders Association” (of America)

Mounted on swiveling  round, ground mounting bars.

All-angle feed

Electrode type disintegrator,  Includes chart for all electrodes

115V, 1 PH, 30 amp. (standard outlet)

Base cabinet, with slotted, ground surface to
allow you to precisely affix your part.


NOTE   Did you ever snap off a 50¢ drill (or tap) down inside a hole in an $1000
machined workpiece?  This unit allows you to erode it right OUT-  without wrecking the hole.  Showing normal wear from use, it looks complete. PUT IT IN OPERATION IN YOUR SHOP!  IT CAN SAVE ITS COST WITH ONLY A FEW USES !

Price REDUCED  $1,899.00 USD >    NOW ONLY…  $1499


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