An Open Letter to:

All machinery reselling dealers, brokers, agents and exporters

We appreciate you have come to Machineco on behalf of your customers. With almost a 100 years of machinery and equipment dealing experienced by our current staff, we know you work hard, and often have to carry huge overhead and investment yourselves; our business also carries a lot of risk.  And we know you deserve courteous and proper treatment.  We know you can bring repeated opportunities to us.

That’s why Machineco will support and cooperate with you wherever possible for our mutual benefit.  Serving you well is one of our goals and pleasures.  To help you, Machineco grants you a resale discount on every item in our inventory. This discount may be substantial, and will vary depending on the machine.  In some cases, Machineco will do a split deal with you, above our original cost EVEN IF ALREADY IN STOCK. It all depends on what kind of a potential deal we can make to benefit each other.

Also, we will take care of your customers for YOU on YOUR behalf, just as you would yourself, if you can’t be with them to check out potential purchases. Machineco will not discuss prices or any other side deal directly with your customers, unless you prefer that we do so for you. In this case, all we ask is that you tell us about it BEFORE the customer contacts us directly.

In our long experience we have never circumvented any body on any deal; we regard those that do so as unethical and dishonest; we would like to be able to regard you all as partners, associates and moreover,- friends. We hereby make that commitment to you.

Note also, that Machineco is very experienced through years of practice, with all aspects rigging, loading and shipping heavy, yet precision machinery. Allow us to handle all customs, shipping and other paperwork for you, and you will see how economical it can be.  As well, we do business in more than two languages. With an inventory already much too large to list everything on this WebSite,  Machineco also has many other machines and equipment available in all categories in our index;  with daily contact with many other dealers and other sources of machinery worldwide, we can locate machines to suit most general and often,- very specific requirements for  you.

So feel free to contact us anytime so we can do some good deals,- together !

Sincerely yours,
for Machineco.