NAZEL 4B 600LBS Blacksmith Power Forging Hammer Pneumatic Self-Contained

$69,666.00 USD

Normal wear from use but that- OVER 30 years ago, and since then- always kept in dry storage. You MUST read the history of it below. Great condition with smooth ram cylinder surface. i.e. no scoring. It will need adjustments, cleaning and relubrication before putting back to pounding away! We’ll gladly take more pics of ANY part for your prior-approval. Bob (Postville Blacksmith) suggested to me that we install a turnbuckle in the foot pedal to valve link. rod (currently off) to allow for exact position and wear. Should I raise the price a few bucks every few weeks, until it reaches the real top value. These are the LAST of the breed. There are few if any available big ones out there. Remember we find you the transport AND load for free- with your approval.



A-  1 only,  used,  Nazel 4B pneumatic, forging hammer,
complete with central lubrication pump. Condition As Is  and As Illustrated in photos (Additional photos will be posted soon!).
B-   1  only,   anvil, octagonal, to fit Item A- as pictured..
C-   1 only, GE electric motor, 1170 rpm, 220/440 v. 3ph, installed,


This is your chance to own the legendary & powerful Nazel 4B!
Recall- It’s made with American steel, built to last over a life time!

This hammer never needed repairs, has not been operated since it was in storage. The former owner bought it over THIRTY YEARS ago !  Originally, the expert air-tool partner had started his own air-tool business around 1974.

He bought this Nazel near the end of the ’80’s and stored it hoping they would expand from moil and chisel points into making air-track drill steel points, but the expansion never took place.  (Remember the economy in the ’90s etc.) As an air tool repair expert, he’d personally found it in an underused quarry or mining equipment repair facility, and even then, it had seen little use!  After 2 of the three partners passed away, the third retired two± years ago.

We were the super lucky guys to buy this gem. Of course it will need a few adjustments, cleaning and good lubrication- before it is put back into operation;

We will provide logistics services to find a transport company to safely ship Items A , B and C to Purchaser at the lowest cost.


This machine is duty free in North America.Price (free loading)

It will be sold As Is, as seen in photos, excluding shipping related costs.
We warrant it agaist latent defects!


This really is your chance of a life time to own one of the most sought after machines in North America!

If you have any questions simply call us. We’re quite friendly and It’s much faster than back and forth messages 🙂


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