Milling hor production 56 table 50 spdl Climb Milling Jerwag Germany

$3,900.00 USD

Dusty from storage! needs a clean up of surface rust. A unique style of heavy-duty advanced conventional and climb-milling horizontal milling machine precision made in Germany.


Milling machine, hor. climb-milling, dual drive “Jerwag” (Germany)

Model: 355/1000  FW 3568

–  56″ table, T-slotted with chip and coolant output spout.
–  48″ extra wide table support knee! (I never saw this ratio before)
–  # 50 spindle taper (bit of surface rust but bore is clean)
–  Spindle takes up to 10 in.+ cutters with lots of clearance.
–  T-slotted bed,slanted to right, for rapid coolant &chip run-off
–  48 feeds, on the X axis of table; all rated in inches (see chart)
–  Dual screw table drives, for backlash removal and precision(see photo)
–  Dual knee support screws widely spaced
–  Integrated all cast iron, coolant pump
–  Extra heavy overarm and wide overarm support
–  Heavy-duty cast-iron construction throughout
–  Oil-level gauges
–  3-phase industrial motor

This precision German,  hi-speed production milling- AND- ‘climb-milling’ machine has unique features such as twin-screw table drives, dual knee supports and super-wide knee. Equipped with a huge no. of feeds (48) (See label). This machine is indicated good for climb-milling! Needs surface rust removed (an ex tenant kept it in a cold storage crane facility).

With some TLC rust cleanup, and re-adjustment, it should machine thousands of pounds for you with with precision and speed.

PRICE, loaded …………………………….$3900 USD Sold as is, but we warrant this machine against any latent defects.
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This machine will perform the same function at a fraction of the “as new” price!

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