300 ton Deep drawing press, 48in. stroke, ‘Fielding’ Good Brt. press.- REDUCED!

$39,000.00 USD

“Used, piping and circuits will require a clean up. The press is intact, currently off site stored on a truck ready for shipping!”




300 ton Deep Drawing 48in. stroke, Hydraulic Press, downstroke 


Manufacturer:                  Fielding (UK)
Working Capacity:         300 Tons
Working Pressure:         2 tons /sq.in.
Size of Bed & Ram:        48″ L-R  x  41″ F-B with T-Slots
Stroke:                             48″ (4 feet !)
Daylight:                          96″
Shut Height:                    48″
Cap.- Pullback Rams:    38 tons
Dimensions:                    92″ L-rt. x 50″ ft. to back. 14′ H. (+ prefill of 8 ft.)


The frame is of all-steel fabrication and is designed and constructed to ensure the minimum amount of deflection under the most arduous working conditions.  It consists of two one piece side plates to which is welded the top member,   which carries the main cylinder;  the bottom member supports the solid mild steel slab, forming the bottom table. The bottom member of the press is accurately machined to accommodate the pullback cylinders.


Press is ± 92″ L-R x 50″ F-B and was installed in a 28″ pit. The body of the press is 168″ high; the prefill is 96″, totalling 264″, (± 22′ overall height). The estimated weight is 20 tons (max).  The oil reservoir  is 70″ x 70″, emptied for transport.  (Not seen-  air reservoir, about 28″ x 8′).


The piping and circuits will require a clean up. The press is intact, currently off site stored on our semi-trailer ready for shipping!


PRICE, (Free loading, fob our location. . . . . . . . . . .REDUCED. $49,500.00  Now $39,000 USD

All shipping related costs will be extra. .

We’re selling this “As is” but all parts are there for re-installation.

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