18 x 64 in. btc. VDF Engine Lathe, w/ DRO, All feeds, speeds, V.Good, 2½ in. bore

$6,644.00 USD

“Normal wear from use, great condition! NOTE: the dust and rust seemw worse by far in the photos. It’s stricly on the surface and we’ll warrant does not affect precision nor the excellent German worksmanship. That IS one thing the Germans and their steel alloys knew and know- machine building!”




18″ x 64″ VDF (McDougal nameplate) lathe, all power feeds, DRO, (this lathe is in excellent mechanical condition- see NOTES)


Swing diam. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18″

Distance between ctrs. . . . 64″

Spindle-bore  . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5″



*  Digital readout

*  3-jaw universal chuck with reversible top-jaws

*  4-way square indexing tool-post

*  Speeds and feedschart on head-stock



This is essentially a VDF (German) lathe, with very little added imported into Canada and sold under the McDougal brand because of its also excellent reputation right up to the 1980s. SO, we can ship this straight to you, anywhere in N. America without any additional duty fees.  This is how VDF lathes were marketed throughout Canada.  As a top quality German lathe, they are solid, well-designed, traditional engine lathes, good power feed gear trains and main spindle gear box with precision ground alloy steel gears throughout. NO Chinesium metals or worksmanship (or should I say- lack of same) ANYWHERE!  With power feeds in X and Y and all CAST-IRON  rigid beds… and some additional equipment included, anyone can be proud of adding this piece of German (and a bit Canadian) engineered lathe to their shop.


Price, FOB warehosue, free loading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only  $ 6,644.00 USD!


Sold as is, but warranted in good condition.
NOTE also, as we’re only a few miles from Champlain, NY, it’s even easier to ship stateside.

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