Wire EDM, Mitsubishi, RA90, in great condition,little use. Must sell!

$13,333.00 USD

SOLD (Call for similar machines)


This modern wire EDM, was purchased and used by a small Canadian local company doing research into military products, so was never in production. This means it is in really, really low hours and little use, so it’s in really great condition.



Mitsubishi, Wire EDM, model RA90, gorgeous, with full water treatment, INCLUDES: 

electrolyte full water treatment pumping, circulating system, manual for pump
spent wire chopper and reservoir, extra wire and other spares accessories,
master manual,
Fully complete and ready to work.

PRICE, fob carrier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only $13,333

This machine is in safe warm storage, ready to ship to YOUR facility and generate new forms, new products
and new CASH for your business. It was purchased by a young engineer, who realized he didn’t have
the room for it, a bit late, and once he moves to his new operating shop, he will replace it with an older
smaller machine. (because he needs to liquidate to recuperate operating capital)
He asks Machineco to liquidate this fine wire EDM machine for him.
Note there is a matching Agie EDM sinker also available, same great condition !

We can ship this ANYWHERE in N. America with our chain of top quality, economic
freight carriers via our reliable freight broker. Better yet, we can take care of ALL your paperwork needs
such as BofL, customs Commercial invoice, company invoice, all seamlessly and all… no charge!
All transport related costs shall be extra at cost.
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