Vertical Milling Machine, Universal Head, 40 speeds, Feeds + Rapid Trav X,Y & Z

$6,850.00 USD

“This pre-owned high quality European milling machine performs standard AND special functions a standard vertical mill cannot! The ram can be power fed in and out, as well as swivelled up and down. The overarm can hold arbor supports to operate as a horizontal milling machine. A very universal, ram-type vertical milling machine, robust, and precise.You should note the no-plastic, all-cast finger grooved hand wheels, etc to appreciate the unique design features of the Gambin style of milling machine.(last photo)”




Vertical Milling Machine, ram-type Euro precision ‘Gambin’  2M, power XYZ

  • Universal tilting swivel milling head and spindle
  • 12″ x 51″ T-slot milling table
  • Multi power feeds, lever selected, well distributed.
  • Multi Spindle Speeds, rotary dial selected:
  • 5 speed ranges; 8 speeds per range.
  • 40 spindle speeds…. from 22 – 2000 rpm !
  • Power rapid traverse in X, Y and Z axes
  • Power feeds in all three axes.



These precise machines are well known in Germany and France, where craftsmanship in machine tools and design is a given! You’ll appreciate

how this milling was engineered to give you the exact speed ideal for

each type of cutter and material you work on.  We put our model 2M indoors

but in a damp area by accident for a few months, but the slight surface rust now on the ram

and table can easily be removed and does not affect precision or function!

VIDEO-  A video of a bit smaller machine (Model 1M) can be seen here:


Price,fob our warehouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only $6,850USD!


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