V&O 45 Ton OBI punch press Air Clutch adjust feed slide (no Motor)

$9,500.00 USD


Note: Without Motor

We have one with motor for $11,500 (click here to view)

Normar wear from use, great condition!




V&O 45 Ton, OBI Power Press, Air Clutch, adjustable, long slide, great condition! *

  • Capacity…………  45 tons rated by Mfr.
  • Shut Height………   9″ over bolster
  • Bed area ………..  36″ L-R x 21″ F-B
  • Stroke……………. 1-3/4″
  • Bolster……………. 36″ x 21″ x 2½”
  • Slide adjust …….  3″



  • Air Clutch & Air Brake
  • Slide-Feed, adj. stroke to 4″ x  4½” width (US Tool, Mod. 12)
  • Front Drawbars for rigidity
  • Bolster Plate  2-½”
  • Tie-Rods (front, removable) for extra rigidity
  • High Speed (Mfr.’s setting) up to 300 rpm (for model SN 45T-43
  • Central Control Panel (9 control buttons)
  • Full guards over moving parts


Price… FOB warehouse, on your carrier, shipping not included.


NOTE:  This power press (2 available) came from a closed precision metal button and snap making plant in Montreal (Scovil corp.).  V&O Presses made in NY are some of the finest punch presses ever made in the USA.   With their top-quality materials, good design, and extra long slide ways, V&O Presses have been delivering a great return for every penny they cost, for a long time.  What more could you ask.
* NB> It is the buyer’s entire responsibility to make sure that this machine fully  conforms with all national, state and local laws regarding workplace safety.


We’re happy to send you any more technical specs, photos, measurements etc

This machine made proudly by Americans for Americans, with ALL reliable USA sourced materials!  It returns to USA, duty free.

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