SOLD – 300 ton Sheridan Upstroke Die Cutting Press

$21,500.00 USD

Normal wear from use, needs work. Ideal for jig-saw puzzles, carton shapes, gaskets,etc.






Capacity:                         300 Tons
Construction Type:         Upstroke, Toggle, 4-Post Tie rods
Manufacturer:                 Sheridan (USA)
Serial Number (Year):    1950’s±

 Bed Area:                        48″ Left-Right x 28″ Front-Back
Floorspace:                      89″  L-R  x  57″ F-B
Height:                             9 feet approx.
Weight:                            13 tons

 Equipped with:
        *  Hot Platens (set up for steam heat)
        *  Electric controls, motor starter etc.
        *  Platen heat controls (thermostat etc.)
 PRICE, as is, shipping costs extra



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