4Ft. Bending Rolls, Initial Pinch, for sheet & plate, Brown Boggs Model 76A

$4,950.00 USD

4ft. Plate Bending Rolls, initial pinch, ‘Brown-Boggs’ (N. America)

Type:              3-Roll, Initial Pinch type,

Model:           76 A

Capacity:       4 ft.  x  ± 3/16″(thickness capacity depends on metal being rolled!)

Bend Roll:      4-5/8″  diam. Hinges out for removal of piece.

Adjustment:  Manual chain drive to lift the bending roll.

Motor:           Base-mounted, industrial,3-phase, 60 hz.

NOTE:            We ABSOLUTELY Guarantee- there are NO Chinese components,

nor labor, nor material in this robust set of bending rolls !




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