Pangborn vibratory tub tumbler 6 cubic feet deburr machine

$5,500.00 USD

Normal wear from use. Tested, powerful machine!





Vibratory tub parts finisher, ‘Pangborn’ 6′ cu. ft. (USA)


Volume capacity:  6 cubic feet.
Vibratory type:      Rectangular tub, open top
Unloading:            Power side dump
Tub liner:              Molded urethane rubber, heavy duty
Electrics:              Motor drive, 230/460 or 575v. 3ph (tba)


Abrasive media:   included (about 3 cu. ft.)

Note:  results depend on appropriate choice of the shape, type and
grit size of media.  This unit can take almost any type and size
of abrasive media on the regular market. The liner appears in v. good
condition with no rips or tears.


Pangborn is famous for making solid, work proven finishing machines. We tested it; it runs very well! Powerful machine!
Prix, Free loading from warehouse,.           $5,500.00 USD

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