McKay 11 Roll Straightener

$11,111.00 USD

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Manufacturer:                                          McKay (Youngstown, Ohio), part of Wean-United
Capacity (nominal):                                  48″ x .187
Max coil/sheet width:                               53″
Straightening rolls:                                   Nine (five over four)
Pinch Rolls:                                               Two (entry)
No of rolls driven:                                     Eleven
Dimension of str. rolls:                             4¼ dia. x 54″ long
Dimensions of pinch rolls:                        6″ dia. x 54″ long
Upper/lower roll-set adjustment:            Power (dual adjustment drives)
Pinch roll fine adjustment:                       Manual screwdown
Controls:                                                   16 pushbutton panel
Speed:                                                       Variable
Pass line height:                                       30″
Drive:                                                        40 H.P. U.S. Varidrive (212 – 1280 RPM)
Electrics:                                                   220/440 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 cycle
Dimensions (footprint):                            60″ x 160″
Height:                                                      80″ (with motor)

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