Layout table,10½ ft. x 43″ Cast iron, flat top and bottom

$1,650.00 USD

This fine, solid cast iron layout table, appears to be in good condition with NO cracks or wellding spatter. It does have a fine layer of surface rust that should not affect accuracy, once wire brushed


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Layout table,10½ ft. x 43″, all cast-iron, one piece

*  Cast iron,
*  Ribbed gussets on bottom
*  Flat top
*  Mounting holes and slots
*  5 side slot openings for hold down attachments
*  Flat bottom, hollow cast


This fine, all-American cast iron layout table has some surface rust that should come off easily.  (We will do it for you for $50).
With no visible cracks, and looking in good condition, this can be a very useful table for aligning weldments, setting up machine and equipment frames and bases, constructing wrought iron furniture, etc.
Price, loaded free (fob) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,650.00 USD

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