Biro Model 33 Stainless Meat Bandsaw

$4,900.00 USD

“Normal wear from business use.”



  • Stainless steel construction for cleaning; this saw conforms to all food grade requirements
  • Adjustable blade height, Clears up to 12 in. or more high
  • 14½” in. throat depth
  • Meat platform is 30 in. W. x  33 in.  Long
  • Quick detachable rolling meat platform table for cleaning
  • Adjustable meat path guard
  • Blade: ½  in. wide


The rigid fixed stainless steel head helps make cuts vibration free at higher blade speeds. Thus you have less waste and with a narrower blade and less teeth,.  With less teeth, less meat is wasted in the cutting kerf. Don’t forget with this saw, compared to cheaper ones, you’ll be less tired too.  This all helps maximize your production and of course . . profits.


Solid, stable, cast and steel fabricated construction.

BTW, we have NOT YET cleaned ours up. The one in the in photograph was going for $5000 but
the owner says – “Out of Stock”

We will give you a 60 DAY Warranty on the invoice AND shall repair or get money back
if you find ANY latent defects

Price (Loaded free)  . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .  $4350
We Can DeLIVER, Greater Montreal area.
North American shipping LTL, on pallet by arrangement, via approved common carriers.

NO DUTY if shipped to USA. We can supply US Brokers.

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