40 Ton Die Cutter 40″x60″ L-R Ormont Dual Safety like govt safety vid

$11,950.00 USD

“ACTUAL PHOTOS ! We just sold the described unit! This 2nd unit is in the southern USA is still in a plant. We are told that it works ok but the owner didn’t need it anymore. The frame is straight and sound and it has normal wear from use. The specs mentioned in the text must be verified.”


“Ormont” 40 ton Die-Cutting Machine (made in NY, USA)


WE SOLD (almost) the machine 1st described !   Second Ormont (these 3 photos) is now available-  SO- we must verify the specs. The former owner told us “It’s the same as yours”.SO, you can buy it now- subject to a full refund if it’s not essentially the same,
or if it has some major hidden defect that reduces it’s functional value.


These type of fast, mechanical AMERICAN MADE clicker presses are getting harder and harder to find !

We believe it’s like this one as follows:
Manufacturer:  “Ormont” (made in N.Y., USA)
Serial No:            Y7636  to verify
Model:                Type DW   to verify
Tonnage:             40 Tons
Table Size:           40″ x 60″ ?   to verify
Daylight:              11½”   to verify
Adj.Daylight:       Yes
Motor RPM:        1750 to verify
Electrics:              230/460v./3ph (probably)


Reduced, Now Only 16,495  USD!

We’ll pre-sell you the Second Ormont unit coming in, while still in Texas, USA
for  ONLY   $11,950……………. refundable, if not as described.
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