10 Collet holders, DA-180, Hydra-Point MOOG, v.g. condition, with covers

$150.00 USD

4ft. Plate Bending Rolls, initial pinch, ‘Brown-Boggs’ (N. America)

Type:              3-Roll, Initial Pinch type,

Model:           76 A

Capacity:       4 ft.  x  ± 3/16″(thickness capacity depends on metal being rolled!)

Bend Roll:      4-5/8″  diam. Hinges out for removal of piece.

Adjustment:  Manual chain drive to lift the bending roll.

Motor:           Base-mounted, industrial,3-phase, 60 hz.

NOTE:            We ABSOLUTELY Guarantee- there are NO Chinese components,

nor labor, nor material in this robust set of bending rolls !





Collet holder, DA-180, Hydra-Point MOOG, v.g. condition, with cover  (made in USA)         


These collet holders seem mostly in clean condition. The collet tightening nuts screw in and out with no resistance. A bit of dampness left a fine powdery rust dust in some threads etc. most all the mating surfaces are rust free. The one illustrated is the larger size.
We have four smaller, and one has a fine thread male to fit onto your other tooling. We have one surplus large nut. There appears no reason for ground surfaces be less precise.
They ALL have MOOG beige color poly protective covers over the precision ground taper shank.


These holders may have come from a MOOG 1970s vintage milling machine (Bridgeport based) that a friend consigned, sold himself to another tenant, then years later he occupied one of our buildings, then skipped out.  We found these in our storage area recently, twelve years later!  But, though we’re owed thousands of $$s we’ll sell the entire batch of 10 taper shank units to you for only $150 bucks.
PRICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only $150


We can ship UPS to your door for a decent price. We do NOT gouge customers for exhorbitant hidden “shipping fees”.  IF you don’t have a UPS account, we can arrange to use our account and charge you only our actual shipping + H. cost.