5′ Radial Drill, Kitchen & Wade (V.G. England)

$6,500.00 USD

5 ft. Radial Drill, Kitchen & Wade, (England),power feeds, coolant, etc.
Manufacturer:       Kitchen & Wade (England)
Model:                 50E24
Capacity:              5 MT  (Drills available up to 3″ diameter in #5 Morse Taper)
Column Diam:      14″
Voltage:               550V  Run w/ small transformer or 480V/3ph, slightly reduced power)
Serial No:             17670
Column Diam:      14″
Voltage:               550V
Serial No:             17670
Max Swing:          4½ Ft.  (56½”)
Motor:                 7½ HP
Speed Range:      36-1200 RPM


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*        Power arm elevation, direct-drive
*        36″ x 36″ box table.
*        Coolant pump
*        Rapid column clamping



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