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List of forklifts and cranes available below. Call for sizes and types not yet here.
BARGAINS on units needing work. “We can deliver all items to your door.”

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FORKLIFTS (Cranes, related equipment)

  1. Clark, 10 tons, propane, duel pneumatic tires 10.00 x 20:00, dbl mast, 8 ft forks, overhead guard, working, works well.
  2. Hyster, 10 tons, propane, duel pneumatic tires 10.00 x 20:00, dbl. mast, overhead protection cage and full cab with doors and heater, power side shift. Needs repairs to clutch cylinder and side shift cylinder (freeze cracked)
  3. Boss-Lancer/AC, 10 tons, diesel, duel pneumatic tires 10.00 x 20:00, Perkins, 8 ft forks, open, cage 3
  4. Hyster, 12,400 lb. propane, duel pneumatic tires,(foam filled), dbl mast, full cab with heater, doors 4 ft fork with 8 ft extensions. 3  speed manual transmission. brake were repaired and a new bearing in bottom of inner mast.
  5. Clark, 10,000 lb. propane, dual hard tires, triple-mast, hi-lifts to 22½ ft. cage, 4 ft. forks
  6. Yale(Eaton), 10,000 lb. electric, 36 or 48 volts, hard tires, triple mast.
  7. Clark, 7,000 lb. propane, duel pneumatic tires, triple mast, full free lift, cage(repair), needs forks, (repair cylinder top,)
  8. Hyster, 6000 lb. propane, duel pneumatic tires, double mast, cage, duel direction Hytrol pedal, 4 ft forks
  9. Towmotor, 6000 (5000) lb. propane, pneumatic tires, double mast, automatic, side shift and independent, 4 ft.forks, full enclosed cab with heater, glass, wipers, (ex Bell Canada, red)
  10. Hyster, 6000 lb. propane, hard tires, double-mast, cage, manual shift, 4 ft forks, yellow,
  11. Hyster, 6000 lb. S60. propane, hard tires, double-mast, cage, manual shift, 4 ft forks, new rear tires, needs muffler, red
  12. Champ, 6,000 lb. gasoline, tractor tires, double-mast, cage, manual shift, 4 ft forks (mast swelling, jamming)
  13. Caterpillar, 5000 lb., electric, hard tires, dbl. mast, cage, 48 volts, 4 ft forks.
  14. A-C, (Allis Chalmers), 5000 lb., propane, hard tires, cage, triple mast, manual shift, 4 ft. forks, new paint.
  15. Yale, 4,000 lb. propane, pneumatic tires, double mast,
  16. Clark, 4,000 lb. propane, hard tires, double mast, auto, cage, rebuilt mast, new battery
  17. Hyster, 4,000 lb. gasoline, pneumatic tires,(oversize) double mast, manual, cage, 4 ft forks (new cyl. seals carburetor,12V  coil and battery, 6V. generator. (engine overheats in minutes, rust in tank, stiff steering box, leak rt.tilt-cyl, bad seat)
  18. A-C, 4,000 lb. propane, pneumatic tires, double mast, manual, cage, (Engine burns oil very badly)
  19. Clark, 4,000 lb, electric, quad mast, 36-48 V battery. side shift, cage,
  20. Toyota, 4,000 lb. electric, triple mast, side shift, full free lift (needs battery and power amplifiers). (->Peter Rothwell)
  21. Raymond, 4,000 lb. electric, 24v. w/charger, straddle-lift stacker, Features: Can operate as man lift! New hose)
  22. Raymond, 4,000 lb. electric, 24v., straddle-lift stacker, needs battery and charger
  23. Yale, 3,800 lb. propane, hard tires, triple-mast, side shift, full-free lift, cage (Loan to RheEnergize)
  24. Clark, 4,000 lb. straddle, battery stolen, ex RAU Canada
  25. EZ lift, 3000 lb. walkie, stacker, electric, 12V. counterbalanced, 3 ft forks.
  26. Mercury-Pettibone, 2500 lb. gas, pneumatic, double mast, open, needs work. (not run in 20+ years.)
  27. Atlas, 2500 lb. propane, double-mast, hard tires, open, VW engine, air cooled. (not run in 20+ years.)
  28. (2) Straddle lifts, push-around, electric, short forks,12 volt w/charger
  29. Pallet truck (RED), electric lift 30 in.
  30. Pallet truck (YELLOW), electric lift, 30 in
  31. Skid Loader, Case Uni-Loader, propane, 5 ft bucket.
  32. Snowplow, Bombardier, gasoline, 4 ft all-angling blade,
  33. Scissors-lift, Skyjack, 19 ft. electric, with charger and detachable controls.
  34. Boomlift 40 ft. JLG 40-H, propane or gas, 2wd, rocker axle, straight boom.
  35. Boomlift, 65 ft. Genie, gasoline, 4 x 4, articulated boom
  36. Pettibone Crane, 12½ tons, rough-terrain, diesel, telescopic, not run in 6 years.
  37. Crane, Grove, 12 ton, all terrain, hydraulic telescopic, gasoline, on 15 ton Cdn, Cane Carrier, Not run in 25+ years.
  38. Crane, Coles, 10 ton, yard crane, diesel-electric, needs work, boom broke off and needs reinstallation.
  39. Crane, Pitman, 8  ton, truck-mounted, 8 ton, hydraulic, telescopic, outriggers,
  40. Crane, HIAB  550, 3 ton, truck-mounted, Knuckleboom, outriggers, telescopic, Model 550,


Attachments, accessories:

  • Chargers, electric, several
  • Hook block, 100 tons, for crane, Crosby, 6 sheaves
  • Man cage, certified,  (for crane or folkift)
  • Forklift snow plow, 6 ft wide, with wings.
  • Bale clamp
  • Forklift mast, 5000 lb.
  • Forks, 3 pairs, 4 – 6 ft.
  • Trailer towing, ball attachment.

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