75 Ton Cleveland Horning Punch Press, A/C. Minster,Niagara,Verson,Bliss,V&O

$8,900.00 USD

“Thiis heavy-duty press, was acquired by us in 1991 at the bankruptcy of a Industrial Metals & Machinery and removed from their warehouse to ours at that time. We guess as this a rare beast that is vital to doing work on cylindrical or tubular metal work, OR small items with a large force, so they had it probably about 5 -10 years. This all to say, this press has NOT BEEN WEARING DOWN for at least 30 -35 years! IT was always in good condition. It should have many more decades of use with you, for your horning and punching applications long and happy life punching away, in your shop or plant.”




75 Ton “Cleveland” mech. horn-type punch press, air-clutch and brake  Made in (USA). See desription above for “condition”


Manufacturer:                  “Cleveland”  (USA)

Model:                               9H;   S/N-  10293-2
Capacity:                           75 Tons
Ram Area:                         14″ x 14″

Stroke:                               4″
Strokes/min:                      45 SPM

Slide Shut Height:             9″ over 10″ bar installed

Slide Adjustment:             3″

Throat:                               15″

Horn Diameter:                 10″ (6″)

Electrics:                           220/440V  3ph. 60Cy.


Equipped With:

* Air Clutch & Air Brake
* Two hand Anti-Tiedown OSHA approved dual palm buttons
* Installed Horn Bar 10″ Dia. In Main Frame Reduced to 6″ Dia. Under Slide
* Central Automatic Lubrication
* Filter-reg-lube + air reservoir
* 1 shot air lubricator
*  worklight


Price (fob warehouse, loaded on truck)


All shipping related costs are extra.



We had this machine almost sold to a company manufacturing pole line transfomers, as are everywhere in N.America- to punch and/or shape the tubular body.  Unfortunately they changed their needs.



You may send us a certified check or a Bank Check (bank draft)  on any standard regular US or Canadian bank or credit union.  On receipt, we’ll ship as soon thereafter is as is practical. We just as soon accept your personal or company check, sent by tracking mail or courier: we’ll deposit it quickly, and ship as soon as the payment is clear.


This press is worth every penny we’re asking.  What more could you ask?
* NB. It is the buyer’s entire responsibility to make sure that this press and its oeration fully conforms with all national, state and local laws regarding workplace and worker safety.


This machine was made proudly by Americans for Americans, with ALL reliable USA sourced materials!  WE ship it to you, in the USA, duty free.


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