Automatic NC Spray Booth (paint-line)+ Dryer. for moldings, panels, etc. 50 x 98

$29,900.00 USD

“This automatic paint line was imported, set up and NEVER USED! The blowers, vacuum etc. are not yet installed. This line is made by SUBA Numerical Control, a well established Chinese company from whom support IS available (in English). After 40 years of experience, we find this to be , it is robust, and essentially quite simple- with band transport of the product (individually tensioned wire rope conveyor), Devilbiss remote spray heads, all in new condition. IT is ready to for shipment ship to you today! LIKEWISE, the companion IR drying tunnel is new. The former owner retired early, never having completed his “dream shop”! 🙁 He said this line “would have increasedmy finishing time” by 1000% (ten fold).”

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Automatic Spray Booth Line (NC) + DRYING TUNNEL  


FLY-in, Free OVERNIGHT at our lux. loft on the Canal, in Montreal (see * )
Mfr. SUBA GP1300 (Automatic Painting Machine) system. (video available)
Free-standing, vari-speed feed conveyor, (X-axis) tension-cable supported, through an automated integrated spray booth,(Y-axis) followed by a var. speed controlled heat drying tunnel (for drying or epoxy curing finishes, dimensions, with spray nozzles and part movement controlled by computer control console, (see images)  as follows:
1-  Input conveyor:  55″ w x  94″ long.  Workpiece up to 7″ h. of panels, mouldings, doors, etc.
2-  Spray Booth, 90″ L. x 117″ F-Back x 104″ H.
(with 6 Devilbiss auto-spray air spray nozzles).
Each nozzle has its own controls, and is all angling and positions)
3-  Control Cabinet for 2 axis movement and spray controls, w/Omron and Fuji components)
4-  Output conveyor:  55″ w. x 94″ long
5-  Drying Tunnel, 181″ long, x 60″ ID wide
speed and temperature controlled via PLC etc.


NOTES:  This automatic finish spray line was pre-assembled, tested, dis-assembled, shipped to its current shop in Montreal.  Here the owner re-assembled it but because of illness, closed the entire shop, which we purchased. We warrant this unit is virtually new.


The blowers/vacuum system were not yet connected! It has never been used!
The owner became ill and sold us the entire shop,
but we don’t need the production panel painting line.
A new equivalent value may cost well into the $60,000 range… or more.


PRICE, loading included free…………………..  $29,900 USD (-Special PRE-Move pricing)
** Now moved, still on truck, ready to ship ! **


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