10″ x 22″ ‘Boxford’ lathe, taper turning, chucks, more. Mod. AUD (England)

$2,950.00 USD

“Always well maintained in government facility! Normal wear from occasional use. Primarily used in munitions mfg for repair work, experimental, etc, ex Gov’t of Canada etc. This well-known British lathe has a well-deserved reputation, which is why they were often found in schools and the military in the 80’s.”


Precision ‘Boxford’ Model AUD, V-bed engine lathe 

Mfg. Brand and Model:    ‘Boxford’ Mod. AUD 42 Mk.3
Diameter of swing:            10″
Dist. ctr- to ctr.:                  22″
Bedways:                         Twin inverted Vee ways


3-jaw Chuck
2-jaw chuck
Collet chuck (installed)
Power feeds (2 axis) gearbox
Taper-turning attachment
Clutch to main spindle drive system- top mounted
Swing down chuck guard
Full length rear splash-guard, removable
Quick-Change toolpost
Adjustable slide-stop for X axis
Full factory cabinet all-steel base with cupboard shelves
Always well maintained – in gov’t service shop

Made of top-quality materials of good British steel and craftsmanship, in England !
This precision late-model Boxford lathe was only used in association with the production processes of ammunition by Canadian gov’t munitions supply (arsenals)
We include 2 & 4 jaw chucks!  See the excellent detail photos of another Model AUD, on Tony Griffith’s site (and his Boxford home page)


PRICE (free loading, our warehouse). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only $2,950.00 USD!
Sold ‘as is’, but is is warranted in good running condition


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